Especially Cats Veterinary Hospital Serving San Francisco Bay

Especially Cats was founded in 1983 as a feline-only practice in San Francisco. We pride ourselves on being a feline-exclusive veterinary hospital. We provide the ideal environment for veterinary care for your cat by specializing in feline medicine and surgery and maintaining a low stress environment.

We understand that cats are a unique species. Cats are now the most popular pets – actually outnumbering dogs in the United States. These incredible animals work themselves into our lives in powerful ways. We hope to lengthen and enhance the years that you can spend with your beloved cat. To help reach this goal, we focus on wellness care and preventative medicine through all life stages. We also work hard to establish more comprehensive and frequent elderly cat evaluations. Our hope is to intervene before health problems become too far advanced to treat, and we do all we can to increase the quality of life for our feline friends.

Veterinarian For Cats In San Francisco

San Francisco Cat Friendly Practice

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Cat Friendly

We have set up our hospital and trained our staff to meet the standards set forth by the AAFP to be a certified Cat Friendly Practice.

Dental Care

Dental care plays an important role in maintaining a cats health for years to come – learn how it can benefit your cat.

Surgical Care

There comes a time in most cat’s lives when surgery is a necessity – we can provide specialized care when that time comes.

Online Store

Using our new online store, you can have your cat’s prescription diet and medications delivered right to your door!

Veterinarian for Cats in San Francisco, CA

Ensuring the health of your cat through all life stages begins with establishing a relationship with a veterinarian. The first and most challenging obstacle in many situations may be overcoming your cat’s fear of coming to the veterinary clinic. Our staff can assist in informing you of different ways to minimize your cat’s stress before the visit, during transport, and after the appointment.

One of the many unique things about cats is that they often hide signs of illness until disease is very advanced. For this reason, regular veterinary visits can go a long way in helping detect early signs of illness, and monitoring changes in your cat’s health as he or she ages.

Especially Cats’ veterinarian and staff are pleased to offer the following services:

  • Comprehensive physical examination and health assessment
  • Feline-specific immunizations
  • Parasite screening and prevention
  • Kitten, Adult Cat and Senior Cat Care
  • Laboratory diagnostics including hematology, chemistry analysis, and microscopy
  • Imaging services – digital radiology and ultrasound
  • Surgical services – routine spay and neuter, abdominal surgery, soft tissue surgery
  • Dentistry services
  • Inpatient and critical care
  • Behavioral consultation
  • Nutritional counselling and weight management
  • Pain assessment and management

We believe we love cats as much as you do, and can’t wait to meet yours!