I love Especially Cats and the high quality of care they provide. I’m lucky enough to live within walking distance and they have been accommodating with making quick appointments when My cat needed a vaccination before travel and when I worried about why he had peed on the rug. I should also add I found their prices to be very reasonable for vet care in the city. Even if I move out of Parkside, I plan to continue care here.

– Kaitlyn M., Google

We are so thankful for all the vets and techs at Especially Cats! Every doctor here has been so accommodating, professional and proactive. Our 9 year-old kitty is pretty high maintenance and has recently been very sick. We can’t thank you enough for taking such good care of him and teaching us how to best treat his current conditions. It also makes my heart melt that you take the time to call to check in on us.

– Amy H., Facebook

Dr. Carter and all the staff are really caring, knowledgeable and try to do the right thing without pushing too many medical procedures. I love the place – my kitty doesn’t really but that’s understandable. We’ve been going here for 10 years now.

– Gary K., Google

One of my cats needed to remove his heavy tartar on his tooth, Dr. Carter took care of my cat’s procedure. I was very anxious when I heard it’s done under anesthesia, it’s like for other surgeries. Also this cat is very easily get scared. He was seen by another 2 doctors at different vet services in his past, but both time he got really panicked and tried to run away so hard. One of the time it was even mobile vet service, still he was traumatized and hid under the bed for several hours after. But when my cat and I met Dr. Carter first time for pre surgery health evaluation, I was impressed how she treated my cat, very gentle and my cat even let her hold him, my cat didn’t seem he was frighten at all, very calm. That’s not happening usually with strangers for him. And Dr. Carter herself is very kind and confident doctor, she didn’t mind to take her time to explained to me every single things, made sure I had no further questions. Also she came out to greet my cat and me in the morning of the procedure when I brought my cat in.

At first, I decided to take my cat to this hospital just because they are cats specialists, but after my first pre-surgery visiting, I was pretty much confident that my decision was right.
My cat came back from procedure and recovering at home now, at post surgery also they took time to explain and answered to my all questions.

Thank you to Dr. Carter and all staffs who took care of my cat today. I will be surely bringing my cats here in future if they ever need to be seen by doctor.

– Micky F., Yelp

The staff, from the Vets to the Vet-Tech to Front Desk crew, all are helpful, caring, friendly, knowledgeable. The staff genuinely cares about you and your cat. I have been going there monthly for the past 6 years as my many toed Torti requires a careful pedicure. Of course she has the staff completely fooled, they think she is just sweet and cute, little do they know that she has been a total skitzoid trying to get here to the vet today, leaving me totally done in. But that’s ok, that’s what we humans are here for, I’m firmly convinced of it. On a health note, hats off to the Vets for their progressive, modern medicine. They have kept my girl-kitty happy & healthy as she enters her middle age, I could not ask for anything more.

– Preston G., Google

I brought my kitty Luna to Especially Cats for an annual check-up. I wanted to try a different vet hospital to compare, and my friend referred me to this place. Dr. Grace Carter was very friendly with my super timid cat and was really patient with her. She explained things very thoroughly and took her time trying to check on her, all the while trying to make Luna comfortable and calm. I’ve always had difficulty with cutting my cat’s nails, but was informed that nail-cutting was included with the visit. Dr. Carter has a way with Luna. I’ll definitely be bringing her back here for future check-ups!

– Cynthia L., Yelp

Really friendly and knowledgeable. They are especially good with our asthmatic cat who had chronic sinus infections and allergies. I was willing to drive from Oakland to take our two cats to see them because they were so good.

– Kate C., Google

I’m so happy that I found this place.My cat is 3 years old and we are always coming to Especially Cats since she was a kitten.

I live in San Mateo and absolutely don’t mind driving to SF for each visit as I know that my cat is in the best care! Me and my cat Sophia just love Dr.Wilson.She is the best!I trust her 100%.

She is knowledgeable professional and direct.I know that she has the best interest for my pet. I’m very I mean VERY sensitive about everything that concerns  my cat and her health.Also Im very picky about care she is getting and I want the very best for her. I’m so happy and believe we are very lucky that me and Sophia found Dr.Wilson and Especially Cats.I know my cat and her health is in good hands.

– Ursula W., Yelp

I have been taking my kitty to Especially Cats for years. She is very shy and I didn’t want to stress her out by going to a vet where there were other animals. Dr. Carter has been her primary doctor for the past few years and she has been wonderful. My cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroid disease and Dr. Carter was extremely helpful in giving guidance as to the best course of treatment. Kitty is now cured via radiation treatments and I am very grateful. Highly recommend.

– Christiane G., Google

Very nice, helpful staff. One of my cats had an accident on the way over and the staff promptly washed him off AND his carrier, so I have to give them props for that. It was a big load off my shoulders. The vets are also very informative and cat-oriented. This is a fantastic clinic for feline fur babies, my only issue being the hefty bill at the end of a simple visit (I bring my two cats here for routine immunizations and when they’re sick).

– Michaela S., Yelp

Dr. Wilson is amazing! Seems extremely knowledgeable and is very thorough. She spent a lot of time carefully explaining our options when my cat broke a bone in his paw and listened patiently to all of our questions and concerns. I trust my cat going here more than anywhere else I’ve taken my animals so far.

– Tara K., Google

The whole office is amazing. They truly care about my cat and want what’s best for him. I recommend these guys to all my cat-loving friends. They’re a tight knit team in a small office. They are much more personable and genuine than the SPCA. I found that the SPCA operated more like a business, but Esp Cats is like family!

– Janet K., Facebook